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Be in love with your being



By: Ivana Vanovac >>

Photos by Haris Ličina >> Milan Dobric >>

Man is the only being with the ability of verbal expression. The word was given to him to communicate more easily with his own species, so that the disagreements would be clarified and the misunderstandings escaped. At one point in his evolution, he succeeded in somehow cluttering this blessing. In today\’s society, a man is often afraid of words, of his weight, importance, and beauty. However, no matter how much he has tried to exist in silence, he constantly speaks and communicates with his surroundings. And happiness and sorrow and anger and fear, if their lips are overwhelmed, the eyes will tell, the body will be weaned, \”the souls will cry through their hands and chest\”. This sophisticated language is universal. It connects people through all epochs and cultures. Whenever he did not know or was allowed to speak with his lips, man had his need to open, expressing gestures, often with the finest – dancing.


Over the past week, the Aquarius Gallery hosted two famous ladies, the representative names of contemporary French ballet and theater – Andrea Sitter and Sophie Bocquet, which appeared as part of the artistic project „Tumulus Chemin Géopoétique“. The two held two separate art workshops with young people, pointing to the power of self-control and the interconnection of people who, if they are in balance, can all be – on and off the scene. We have met two versatile, interesting events that know everything about how much it is possible to tell the body – again, on the scene or outside it, how important it is to learn that both in professional and in personal relationships we advertise through this delicate, wonderful instrument.


Andrea Sitter is a dancer, violinist, actress, poet and choreographer. She performed in over 400 performances in France, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Portugal, Palestine, Tunisia, Colombia. She has conducted many trainings and dance workshops and taught at many theater schools around the world, among others at the National Dance Center (France), the Debrecen National Theater (Hungary), the Poznań Ballet School (Poland), the National Ballet of Kosovo, and Austria , Serbia.


He says to himself that he nourishes the neoclassical style in the ballet, that it is a wonderful style but that he can not live from it, and he is also one of the famous ballerina in Paris, it is important to have an engagement on television or in a company to survive, Essentially to cultivate creativity and sensitivity in a person and to live calm with oneself.


\”FOR ME dance is life and life is dancing. Everybody should think about what is happening here, in your chest, in your body, and how much beauty can be created by the body. And then, when you find yourself on the stage with other players, you realize how important it is to be with you first to connect with others, \”says this gentle, fragile and quiet woman in which no movement is superfluous, nor meaningless it\’s impossible not to notice.


Sophie Bocquet, dancer, choreographer, writer. Energetic, lively, curious. She traveled a lot, from Asia to America, only to see, as she says, watching a man and listening to the body language. As a true body language reader, he says that people are different from culture to culture, even from city to city, and in Mitrovica people are generally open.


She talks about how people today are more intimate with their big TVs and phones than with their own body. That\’s why they can not use it. They are constantly cramped, and for that, says Sophie, the wrong company that keeps us in the press from little.


\”I love nature, an organic movement. And they put a lot of pressure on us. In Asia, old women practice fitness, these people smile at you on the street even though they do not know you. Try to do it in France. Everyone will look at you as if something is wrong with you. People no longer trust either themselves or others. They are clipped inside and out. Get rid of your bodies. Movement does not always have to be beautiful. It\’s important that it is natural, \”Sophie says.


Both artists, though quite different, send the same message – be in love with your own being, with your heart and soul, and be gentle towards yourself. If you are not, the one who is closest to you, the first will be given you – your beautiful body.

Source: Radio Kosovska Mitrovica >>

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  1. Hvala puno ! I Андреа Ситтер ( Andrea Sitter) и Сопхие Боцкует (Sophie Bocquet) су позвани од стране у оквиру “тумулус цхемин геопоетикуе” (tumulus, chemin géopoétique) . Овај пројекат постоји већ десет година. Широм Европе. Са сто уметници. Режија су Пхилиппе-Ахмед Брасцхи (Philippe-Ahmed Braschi) и Андреа Ситтер (Andrea Sitter).

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